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Event Details

Intermediate DJing is a 5 week DJ Course with the principal objective to teach participants the intermediate skills of the disc jockey craft. The classes will explore the technique and mathematics of djing. Students will build on the skillset acquired from the Intro to DJing course, learning how to use modern professional DJ equipment known as digital controllers and the Serato software. The class will culminate with a Final Presentation which will highlight the skills mastered during the course. Participants will receive purchasing advice and a Certificate of Achievement. Quick and Eazy DJs will provide the classroom and tools to complete the Intermediate DJing course.

Curriculum Cost and requirements

The Intermediate Djing Course costs $400. This cost is to be paid in full before the first day of class. No refunds are offered once the student has committed to completing the course. There will be NO MAKE UP CLASSES… Students who miss a class can request extra time with the instructor and schedule a private training lesson for $50.

Week 1: Buttons on the controller and Equalizer
A brief review in beat matching and mixing. Overview. Students must have mastered dropping on the one and be able to demonstrate basic knowledge on proper equipment use. Students will review using the platter and/or tempo to have smooth transitions between songs. We will analyze the equalizers and how it works with transitions.

Week 2- Looping
Student(s) will work on beat matching skills and technique. In this class, student(s) will learn looping. Students will then participate in looping exercises. Homework: Choose 4-6 songs for presentation. 

Week 3- Acapella blends
Students will take instrumental tracks and play an acapella over the top of it…You will be able to mix an acapella track into a track, then “swap” the underlying track for another one – effectively using the acapella as a “bridge” between the two tracks, as “glue” to hold your transition together.

Week 4- Transition out and using the microphone
Students will continue with transitions. They also will continue learning about looping. Students will be introduced to using the microphone when you mix. We will also introduce alternative transitional techniques: EQing, Back Spins, and slam Drops. Students will prepare for their showcase set.

Week 5- Final Presentation
Student final presentation. Students will play a 10 min set that will incorporate using the equalizer on a transition, looping, an acapella, and talking on the microphone!

Health Guidelines for this Event

Masks Required
Temperature Checked At Entrance
Physical Distance Maintained
Event Area Sanitized


October 4 (Tuesday) 8:30 pm - November 1 (Tuesday) 10:30 pm(GMT-04:00)


Quick and Eazy DJ Academy

6709 Whitestone Road Suite E Baltimore, MD 21207

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