Intro to DJing- Session 7: November 17

Introduction to DJing is a 5 week DJ Course with the principal objective to teach participants the fundamentals of the disc jockey craft. The classes will explore the technique and mathematics of djing. Students will learn how to use modern professional DJ equipment known as digital controllers and the Serato software. The class will culminate with a Final […]


Intro to Scratching- Session 1: November 19

Quick and Eazy DJ Academy 6709 Whitestone Rd Suite E, Baltimore

4-week course Week 1Recap the course material from the Intro to DJing Course and introduce the basic scratch Week 2 Perfect the basic scratch and learn to drop it on the 1 Week 3 Introduce the Fader to Basic scratch and adjust tempo to basic scratch to give the scratch different sounds. Week 4 Perfect […]